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The scenography of the Permanent exhibition

A fun, spectacular, sensory, technological and innovative journey

Scenographic concept

“A scenographer’s aim is always to make a visit as enjoyable as possible, transforming it into a true moment of discovery and experience. The clearer, more informative and intuitive the installation, the more ‘memorable’ it will remain. Each element of the journey therefore needs to become a joy; the joy of watching, understanding and also sharing. For a visit to be enjoyable it must be nuanced, with varying rhythms, intensity and elevation.’

For the Cité du Vin, scenographers Dinah Casson and Roger Mann from UK agency Casson Mann have designed an immersive and innovative permanent tour making use of digital and interactive technologies (e.g. 3D images, decoration, aroma diffusion) and drawing on a novel mediator in the shape of the visit companion. 

“Successful scenography highlights content in an attractive fashion by using the tools most suitable for the job. In this project, each module has its own mediation method appropriate to the message being conveyed. The tour also enables a level of personalisation – each person perceives the universes and imagery of wine according to their personal feelings, tastes and fascinations.”

The design of the Cité du Vin’s permanent exhibition follows the precedent set by other experiential, interactive attractions. Conceived as a modular journey, this immersion in the culture and civilisations of wine offers a series of fun, spectacular, dreamlike and sensory stages. The Cité du Vin therefore offers a range of surprising experiences: a tour stimulating the senses, unique tastings, presentations and more.

“Each person therefore discovers the permanent tour at their own pace, stops when they choose, takes the time they need in some highly customised modules, or follows the movement of the crowd in areas of more collective discovery. A successful tour is a balance between passive and interactive experiences.”

Matching the architectural language to the roundness of the building, the permanent exhibition draws heavily on innovative technologies without neglecting human intervention (presenters, live shows).

“Younger visitors have not been forgotten on this journey to the heart of great human civilisations. The games and experiences offered are their gateway to unexpected riches.”

The permanent exhibition  

Casson Mann

Casson Mann is a UK firm specialising in exhibition, museum and interior design. Formed in 1984 by Dinah Casson and Roger Mann, since 1994 the firm has focused primarily on work in museums: permanent galleries, temporary and touring exhibitions (Victoria & Albert Museum, Design Museum, Natural History Museum, Imperial War Museum), multimedia installations, masterplans, interpretive strategies, and even entire museums (Great North Museum in Newcastle). 
Dinah Casson and Roger Mann were both made Royal Designers for Industry in 2007. In September 2012 the firm was honoured at the D&AD awards ceremony for ranking in the top 10 most awarded design studios of the last 50 years. “Our skill is really working at the forefront of visitor-focused thinking: transforming places and stories into spatial experiences.” (Dinah Casson and Roger Mann)
More recently, Casson Mann has begun working with international clients in Philadelphia, Moscow, the United Arab Emirates, Italy and now Bordeaux.

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